How to Care For Non-Functional Ceramics

Step 1: What is Non-Functional Ceramics

  • Non-Functional is any piece that cannot be used for food or beverages and is strictly for “Decoration Only”
  • This Includes but is not limited to:
    • Raku Fired Vessels
    • Horsehair Fired Vessels
    • Sculpture
    • Any unglazed pieces

Step 2: Caring for Non-Functional Pieces

  • The Pieces are sealed to protect color, and raku effects but they are not water tight.
  • Do not soak or run under water.
  • Use cloth to wipe away dust only.
  • Keep away from any rooms with high traffic or chance for spills or breakage ie. kitchen, bathroom
  • If it gets a spill, use slightly damp rag to gently clean off spill.
  • They are ceramic and very fragile (because they have not been fully fired) So keep in a safe place.