How to Brew Sun Tea

The "Try It Tea Challenge" is Back With Sun Tea

Back by popular demand, we are doing the Try It Tea Challenge again! This month will be full of delicious tea recipes to try for the summer months, including Sun tea, cold brewing and more.

This week will be how to brew sun tea! This is something that I always did in the summer months with my mom growing up and I am happy to say, I still carry on the tradition.

Ingredients and Tools

You will need…

A clear pitcher or vessel (glass works well), Tea bags, and a sunny day


1  Black Tea bag (store bought) per 8 oz


1 Tea Filter bag (with Black Loose Leaf Tea)  per 12 oz

Filtered Water (8oz – 128 oz [1 Gallon])

Add sugar, honey and/ or lemon for flavor 


  1. Fill vessel with filtered water
  2. Run tea bags (with tea in them) under hot water to rinse them and this helps the brewing process as well
  3. Insert the rinsed tea bags into the vessel with the filtered water, with strings/top part hanging out under the lid (this makes them easier to remove later)
  4. Set the vessel out in the Sun for up to 4 hours (less if it is a very sunny day). The color will be a dark amber when done.
  5. Store in the fridge for 1-2 Days (If you notice any change to consistency throw it out)
  6. Add Ice a bit of lemon, honey or sugar to your taste and enjoy!

Disclaimer: I, Andrea Gietz, am not a professional and am foraging and brewing the tea at my own risk. Please do not do so if you are not certain about your health or reaction to brewing black tea with this method.