Chai Latte Recipe

Trying a Chai Latte Home Recipe

I  have set out in the month of April to try and find the best Tea recipes!

Are you ready? This week is trying a Chai Latte Home recipe.

Original Chai Latte Recipe

A basic Chai latte calls for foamed/frothed milk, Chai, and sweetener of some sort.

Chai is a tea created with different spices and usually uses black or Rooibos as a tea base.

I used a tea bag Chai for this particular recipe but you could use loose leaf as well. And I will go through my steps for both.

Thoughts & Recipe Issues

Lets start with thoughts, I tried a few different steps in preparing the beverage and found that there wasn’t really much of an explanation on how to go about preparing and combining the ingredients.

I noticed very quickly that although honey was a great sweetener to use and paired very well with the Chai, (I preferred it to just sugar) it was very hard to mix into unless is was combined with the tea and hot water. If added cold it tended to just sit at the bottom and not mix at all.

Another issue I ran into was foaming the “Milk” and it being a different temp than the hot Chai. ( I did not have a frother.)

So I brewed the Chai tea bag with the honey and heated the milk on the stove.

Then I used my french press, pumping it up and down to create froth ( you could use a frother I just didn’t have one).

Looking back it would have been the easiest to combine all the ingredients on the stove, but then you wouldn’t have the “milk” be frothy.

Final Recipe for Chai Latte

Here is the final recipe, that I used and it was delicious!

You will need a mug that hold 120z +

1 Tea bag or Required amount of Loose Leaf

1 cup/ 8oz of water, boiling or near boiling

1Teaspoon of honey (or more if you like it sweet)

1/2 cup/ 40z of  Milk or Milk Alternative (I used Oat milk with similar results)

Top it off with some brown sugar on sprinkled on top (optional but delicious)

  1. Prepare the tea bag with boiling water . And remove tea bag after the desired or recommended steep times. Add the honey while it is still hot/warm and stir it in until is is mixed well. 
  2. Heat the Milk or Milk alternative on the stove on low heat for a few min. ( it will change color slightly when ready)  or use a frother.
  3. Once the milk is frothed add it to the tea.
  4. Sprinkle brown sugar over the top, if you are extra like me 😛

Please Note: If you are preparing loose leaf it will be similar, use the infuser to steep the Chai in the hot water, then once steeped remove the infuser and add the honey. Then prep and add the frothed milk.

I will be doing more tea recipe blogs so keep an eye out for next week!

Also, I plan on doing a stove top Chai latte version soon too, but it needs a little more experimentation.